We’re So Jealous – This Woman’s Wakeboarding with DOLPHINS!

There are plenty of dolphins in the Gulf of California. Take a boat out there and you might even see one or two. What you probably wouldn’t expect, especially if you’re about to fire up a powerboat and start wakeboarding, is to suddenly find yourself just a few feet away from dozens of them – all completely unafraid of you being there!

Well, that’s exactly what happened when this little crew of wakeboarders hit the water recently and the video proof is mind-blowing. We couldn’t be more jealous if we tried!

Dolphin Wakeboarding

Things starts normally enough. Good skills from the wakeboarder here… Good balance. Then she steers herself to the side after spotting a few dolphins swimming alongside the boat.

Wakeboarding with Dolphins

And more and more start jumping and playing. It’s truly incredible viewing! Have a look:


It almost looks like an outtake from Jaws at the start, doesn’t it?! Luckily, it was a lot more beautiful than that. How fantastic! Right – that’s it… We’re booking a holiday to California RIGHT NOW!

What do you think?

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