What Starts Out As A Fun Water Slide Ride Quickly Goes Wrong!

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With Summer in full swing, and record high temperatures being registered, we all need something to cool us off. When temperatures soar, many of us head for water. Lakes, the beach, pools, water parks – these get mobbed when the sun comes out. And not only do they cool us down. They’re great fun too.

Well, usually. Unfortunately Texas man David Salmon had a bit of an accident last week after visiting a friend’s water park. David decided he’d have a go on one of the giant water slides, with disastrous consequences. David hit a turn at too much speed, and managed to fly out of the slide over a rocky cliff.

water slide main

David crashed ten feet onto the rocks below suffering a broken arm and fractured ribs with multiple lacerations running along the entirety of his body. Ouch. But David realizes that he is quite lucky. If he had landed on his head or back, his injuries could have been much more serious.

Watch the video below:

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