Missing Water Mystery SOLVED

A Colorado family started to notice that the water they kept in a big old barrel in their back yard was going missing each day. They’d fill it up every morning and by the next day, most of it was gone. What was going on? Strangely quick evaporation? Unlikely. So they decided to monitor the thing by pointing a camera at it. The culprit? A BLACK BEAR!

The reconnaissance mission begins. Bucket: Full.

Water Barrel Bear

Hang on… Who’s this?!

Water Barrel Bear ((4)

It’s a black bear! Quick, hide! Oh, no – hang on. He’s quite cute actually. And he just wants a bit of a drink…

Water Barrel Bear (5)

But he can’t be drinking it ALL, can he? Sure, he’s big but he’s not that big.

Water Barrel Bear (1)

Oh, no – he’s bathing it. EVERY DAY. This has to be Colorado’s most hygienic bear!

Water Barrel Bear (3)

Imagine how ruddy scary this sight must have been when they first saw. A weird mixture of frightening and ridiculously adorable.

Water Barrel Bear (6)

They should just be glad they haven’t got a hot tub at their place – imagine all the bear hair they’d be pulling out every day!

Water Barrel Bear (7)

Poor thing – he looks like he needs a wee bit more room, doesn’t he?

Water Barrel Bear (8)

There you go – a bear in a barrel. We bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing one of those today, did you?!

What do you think?

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