Missing Water Mystery SOLVED

A Colorado family started to notice that the water they kept in a big old barrel in their back yard was going missing each day. They’d fill it up every┬ámorning and by the next day, most of it was gone. What was going on? Strangely quick evaporation? Unlikely. So they decided to monitor the thing by pointing a camera at it. The culprit? A BLACK BEAR!

The reconnaissance mission begins. Bucket: Full.

Water Barrel Bear

Hang on… Who’s this?!

Water Barrel Bear ((4)

It’s a black bear! Quick, hide! Oh, no – hang on. He’s quite cute actually. And he just wants a bit of a drink…

Water Barrel Bear (5)

But he can’t be drinking it ALL, can he? Sure, he’s big but he’s not that big.

Water Barrel Bear (1)

Oh, no – he’s bathing it. EVERY DAY. This has to be Colorado’s most hygienic bear!

Water Barrel Bear (3)

Imagine how ruddy scary this sight must have been when they first saw. A weird mixture of frightening and ridiculously adorable.

Water Barrel Bear (6)

They should just be glad they haven’t got a hot tub at their place – imagine all the bear hair they’d be pulling out every day!

Water Barrel Bear (7)

Poor thing – he looks like he needs a wee bit more room, doesn’t he?

Water Barrel Bear (8)

There you go – a bear in a barrel. We bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing one of those today, did you?!