CLOSE CALL – See The Moment a Humpback Whale Nearly Eats a Diver!

Rainer Schimpf, apart from having a rather unlucky name, is a very lucky man. You see, South African Rainer came so close to being eaten by a humpback whale recently that it’s insane. He was filming a big local sardine run and getting some good footage, but he never expected the sudden rush of waves and the almighty jaws to emerge from the ocean.

In his own words: “There was a little bait ball below me and a group of sharks. It was only when the sharks scattered that I realised a whale was coming up directly at me. At the last moment he must have realised I was there and he diverted away from me and actually missed most of the bait ball. Had he not diverted he would have swallowed me whole.”

Watch the terrifying video in full below:


Apart from the whole ‘nearly getting eaten’ thing, it looks as though Rainer had a whale of a time!

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