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Best Job Ever…? Get Paid $12k To Spend All Summer Travelling The World Drinking Beer!

10 Beer Life Hacks That’ll Improve Your Summer!

Like beer? Like travelling? Like getting paid? Like all three of those things and quite fancy the idea of getting rewarded handsomely to trek the planet drinking suds? Hey, who doesn’t, right? But while it’s a pipe dream for most people, for one person? It’s about to become a dream come true!

Florida-based World of Beer are looking for someone to join them as an intern. Their remit? Travel about trying beers! So long as you’re over 21, you can apply. You’ve got until March 26 to get your application in. It pays $12,000 and it’s just one summer’s work!

World of Beer’s Director of Brand Marketing is Hannah Davis. She’s given potential candidates the following useful advice…

Drink It Intern 2017

‘That passion for beer has to come through really strong in the initial video, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. Applicants should be able to tell a story. I want to learn something in the video, so they should catch our eye and be memorable.’

Drink It Intern 2017

We literally cannot imagine a better job! This is awesome. Find out more right here!

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