World’s Coolest Treehouse Doubles as Gamer’s Hideout and Nightclub

Treehouses are only for kids, right? Not for the few brothers and friends who built this treehouse, they’re not. They grew up just like the rest of us building backyard treeforts with a few “borrowed” two-by-fours from the construction site next door, a hammer, and a dozen nails.

Their latest undertaking, called The Tree Top Tavern, was inspired by The Lord of the Rings (notice the round little hobbit door), Hook, and Swiss Family Robinson. It took them more than 2 years to build, rests in 11 trees, and is more than 800 square feet in size.

The Treetop Tavern

Inside, the treehouse is equipped with everything you can imagine and revolves around a bar built out of an old salvaged wire spool. It has 3 floor levels and a couple of secret rooms to get lost in.

Treehouses App

The builders love getting their friends together for LAN parties in this magical fortress. They once had over 11 TVs going before they blew a fuse and called it a night. Well, after a few visits to the bar, of course. Oh, did we not mention the bar? Yep – this treehouse has beer on tap! It also has a whole host of lasers which transform this gamer’s hideout into a nightclub when the lights go out and the drinks are flowing. Don’t believe it? See it in action here:

To fully explore this treehouse and many more, check it out the website: Here

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