This Is The World’s Largest Nerf Gun And It’s Beyond Incredible!

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Nerf guns. Remember them? We all used to have them as kids, didn’t we? Those weird little guns with spongy missile-like bullet things. Great fun, they were. Well, it seems as though plenty of adults play with them too. If Mark Rober‘s office is anything to go by…

But Mark doesn’t get involved in these workplace foam-flinging wars. There’s a chance he could lose. No, he only to wants to join in if he can guarantee winning. And the only way to do that is to be shooting the biggest Nerf gun on Earth. So that’s just what he’s done!

With the help of the guys over at the YouTube channel Eclectical Engineering, Roper’s come up with a doozy of a Nerf gun. This thing is insane! It uses the CO2 tank you’d use for paintball guns and can call on 80 PSI…


So, then. Are you ready? You’re about to see the world’s largest Nerf gun in action. This is freakin’ sweet!

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