Baseball Fan Catches Flying Bat With One Hand!

Friday’s American Association of Independent Professional Baseball match up between the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks and St. Paul Saints probably didn’t draw in a huge TV audience, so there’s a decent chance that you didn’t see it. And while we can’t say that it was the best ball game of all time (the Saints won out 8-7), there was a moment of sheer genius and class that deserves to be seen by everybody…

A Redhawks batter lost control of his bat at one point and it went hurtling into the crowd. Now this is exactly as dangerous as it sounds. Baseball bats aren’t the lightest. But instead of thwacking someone in the head, a keen-eyed fan managed to catch the bat. One handed! And what’s even better? The dude had a beer in his other hand… And didn’t spill a single drop!

We hope he’s since picked up the 10,000 Bro Points he’s now rightly entitled to.