Is This The Best Bar In The World?

In the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific Ocean floats the stunning Cloud 9 Bar. It is the only split-level floating bar in the world, with a generously stocked bar and a wood-fired pizzeria on board. It floats in the tranquil blue waters off the shore of the island of Malolo – one of the many islands that make up the island nation of Fiji.

Oh, and it may well be the best bar in the world. It certainly looks like it from this stunning video:

WOW! We can almost feel the cool sea breeze on our faces as we recline in the sunshine on our loungers sipping piña coladas! We don’t know about you, but we’re heading out to Fiji right now! Apparently the bar is only accessible by boat, but that’s no problem. There’s one leaving the harbor anytime soon. Maybe we’ll see you there at the awesome-looking Cloud 9 Bar? Shall we say cocktails and pizzas at nine?

Sounds pretty much like paradise to us!