Mental Biker Kicks Car While Riding And Quickly Pays The Price!

Road rage can be a terrible thing. Someone cuts you up or tailgates you and you get riled up. You sound your horn. If you’re especially mobile – say, you’re on a motorbike or something, you might even get close to the person and let them know how frustrated you are. And if you’re anything like the angry idiot in this video, you might ride up next to them and try to kick their car. Or maybe not because that would just be insane, wouldn’t it?! Well, yes. Yes it would. And here’s why…

Check it out. Stupidity at its very best:


Not smart. Luckily for the div on the bike, he was alright. If you know someone who suffers from the odd spot of road rage – send this video over to them. They might just rethink their spleen-venting ways!

What do you think?

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