Her Son Died. And Then Her Car Radio Started Talking To Her.

When Michelle tragically lost her nineteen year old son Blaine in a work-related accident, her world, understandably, fell apart.

Blaine was one of the good guys. A loving family man with a bright future ahead of him, he was loved by everyone around him.

He was a keen sportsman who attended the gym and he ate healthy.

He helped out his mom regularly, helping her with the housework and the laundry. He was even renovating her front yard at the time of his accident.

In the aftermath of that accident, his mom struggled to cope. Unable to return to work, the grief-stricken mom began to fall into financial hardship.

That’s when Michelle’s three remaining children, Crystal, Jessica and Tom, decided to step up to the plate.

They contacted Australia’s ‘Kyle and Jackie O Show’ and explained Michelle’s dire predicament. Touched by their heartwarming story, the radio duo decided to give Michelle a break.

So, they set up a hidden camera in Crystal’s car and, well, the result is beautiful …

Hopefully Michelle now has the time to grieve for her beloved son.

And it’s nice to think she’ll be able to one day sit in the renovated yard dedicated in his honor.

You can’t beat the milk of human kindness.