Terrified Two Year-Old Left In Car As Mother PARTIES In Nearby Nightclub

Schaffhausen, Switzerland. A selfish woman who first caused outrage in a small Swiss city is now provoking anger across the world as her story goes viral. What did the unnamed woman do? Well, she went to a nightclub. Nothing wrong with that, you may think. And quite right. But it was what she left in her car… Or who.

You see, it turns out that the woman is a mother. And in her car as she danced and drunk and partied? Her two year-old son. Police were called by disgusted locals who saw and heard the small child crying and on her return, a series of tense confrontations between the woman and passers-by erupted. People were not happy. And you can see why.

Police had to call a local mechanic to break into the car and free the child before the woman finally exited the club and returned to her car.


When the woman pitched up around twenty minutes later she was spoken to by the police and should now face a charge of what’s called ‘dereliction of the duty of care of her child in front of the public prosecutors’.

The woman later reported a man who had attacked her car in anger at her actions or possibly in an attempt to free the child. Though hopefully no charges will be leveled at him.

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