It Just Looks Like A Rotten Old Tree From Here. When You Look Closely, WOW!

    This is “Along The River During The Quinming Festival” an epic wood carving by Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui. The piece, which has been recognized as the world’s largest wood carving by the Guinness Book of Records, is masterpiece of art in all of its intricate and minute beauty.

    From here it doesn’t look particularly impressive, does it?



    tree 1

    But take a closer look. The piece, which is 39ft long, features 550 individually carved people, as well as amazingly crafted buildings and landscapes.

    tree 2

    The piece is a reinterpretation of the ancient Chinese painting “Along The River During The Quinming Festival” attributed to the Song Dynasty era artist Zhang Zeduan and painted sometime between 1085 and 1145.

    tree 3

    Reinterpreting the painting has long been a custom of Chinese painters.

    tree 4

    Chunhui’s piece perfectly captures the lives of those living during the Song dynasty.

    tree 5

    The piece took Chunhui 4 grueling years to complete.

    tree 6