UNBELIEVABLE – Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Donates a HUGE $8m To The Nepalese Earthquake Appeal!

As one of the world’s most successful and talented sports stars, Cristiano Ronaldo is almost constantly in the limelight. Known as a flashy and often selfish player, he has somewhat of a reputation for diving and bending rules to suit him. So, while almost unbelievably brilliant at soccer, the Real Madrid star isn’t always the best loved. But that might be about to change… He’s just donated an amazing $8m to Save The Children for their Nepal earthquake mission.

Pretty amazing, huh?


The Portuguese star has a real history of kindness and generosity, though. He has his own charities and foundations and donated a significant amount of money to help rebuild Indonesia after 2004’s devastating tsunami and earthquake there. Not only that, last year Ronaldo was asked to donate items to help out in raising $83,000 to pay for a much-needed operation for a 10 month old baby. He not only gave the family a signed shirt and boots but even paid for the entire operation!

Here he is asking his followers on Twitter to dig deep too:

What a guy!