Be Amazed As Robot Tech Used In Tumor Surgery Expertly Stitches Up A Grape!

The Da Vinci Surgery System, a small robotic device used for intricate surgery has been showing off its abilities recently by conducting extremely fiddly surgery on a GRAPE! Normally used for less invasive procedures on things like tumors, hysterectomies and gall bladder removals, this unusual activity was all about demonstrating just how excellent and reliable the technology is.

The ‘hands’ are controlled by a surgeon remotely. They mimic the hands of the surgeons but are, obviously, a heck of a lot smaller. Incisions, sewing, all sorts… It’s all achievable.


Using a grape to demonstrate the Da Vinci system is a smart move as the skin is just so thin. To be able to precisely slice away, remove, replace and stitch up so easily and exactly shows just how accurate the set-up really is. And what’s more? At the end – the grape is in tip-top condition!


The drawback? These things aren’t cheap. Hospitals have to pay up to $2 million for the Da Vinci surgery system. And that’s not the end of the costs. These things have an annual service and maintenance cost of more than $100,000!

Grapes (2)

But for all the amazing work you can do with these things on extremely sick people, you’ve got to say that they’re worth every penny…


Watch how it all works in all its amazing and intricate detail right here…

H/T: The Daily Mail