These Pictures Prove That Dads Are Both Awesome And A Little Bit Careless!

    There’s a (probably unfair) stereotype floating around that moms do all the maternal and disciplinary stuff, whereas dads get to have all the fun. Mom makes lunch when you’re hungry, tells you off when you’re naughty and makes you go to bed even when you’re not tired. Dad, on the other hand, takes you out, lets you eat what you want and lets you stay up way past your bedtime. If this particular assumption grinds your gears, I suggest you look away now.

    We’ve discovered a series of pictures which show that not only are dads great fun, they’re also a little on the careless side. We’re not suggesting that these dads love their little angels any less, just that perhaps there is some sloppiness in their DNA which makes them inevitably put their kids in peril!

    1. That’s it, Dad. Don’t use a serviette.

    dad 1

    2. SLOW DOWN!!!

    dad 2

    3. What do you mean, that Hallowe’en outfit is inappropriate?

    dad 3

    4. Go on, take a closer look.

    dad 4

    5. Watch how you’re flipping that burger.

    dad 5

    6. Any room for a bottle of Scotch?

    dad 6

    7. This will sort your teething pains.

    dad 7

    8. Look, I don’t have time to find you a towel!

    dad 8

    9. Who bought this for you, eh?

    dad 9