Dad Finds Out That His Son Is A Bully So Comes Up With A Genius Punishment!

    We all know that bullying is horrible. It leaves the victim upset and humiliated, and can have a lasting effect on self-confidence. Well, when Timothy R Robenhorst from Pulaski, Wisconsin, found out that his son was bullying another kid, he came up with an ingenuous way of punishing him.

    He took to social media, posting:bully 1

    His post was accompanied with the following photo:

    bully 2

    The poster reads:

    “My name is Kayden Robenhorst. I am guilty of being a bully at Pulaski Middle School. My punishment is the following: (1) 50 push ups on my fists; (2) 10 incline push ups; (3) Running 1 mile (all at 4.30 am); I will also be doing landscaping to both of my dad’s houses; (5) I will apologize to the boy I bullied in front of the whole class today, 3-18-15.

    We stand up for ourselves and our beliefs but we do not bully or take advantage of others!”

    We’re sure that Kayden is going to think twice before bullying again!