Seattle-Based CEO Raises Whole Company’s Minimum Wage To $70k!

    Stop looking – we’ve found the world greatest ever boss. His name is Dan Price and he runs Gravity Payments. He’s an entrepreneur who has made a remarkable move. He’s cutting his million dollar salary as CEO down to $70,000 and increasing the minimum wage at his firm up to that same amount. Can you believe that?!

    The World’s Greatest Boss™, made the incredible move after reading a new study published by the University of Princeton, which claims that increasing your income above $70,000 seems to have no have no real positive impact on a worker’s happiness. But a raise up to that does. So, he figured, why not have everyone earn that much? At least until they get promoted above a certain level, Price doesn’t want to miss out on talent.

    Dan Price

    Mr Price said of the move: “As much as I’m a capitalist, there is nothing in the market that is making me do it. There are risks associated with this – but my pay is based on market rates and what it would take to replace me, and because of this growing inequality as a CEO that amount is really high. I make a crazy amount.”

    You won’t be supposed to learn that went he told his 120-strong staff, a huge cheer went up in the office. He’s like The Wolf of Wall Street. Only not evil.

    Dan Price

    “I’m a big believer in less,” Price says. “The more you have, sometimes the more complicated your life gets.”

    What a guy!