Chased By a Dog, This Cat Does Something Incredibly Clever!

Swimming in the ocean, playing dead, riding a skateboard, forward rolls, walking sideways, SURFING… There are all sorts of things that you don’t imagine that a cat can do. And normally we’d agree with you. But we’ve just seen the world’s most amazing cat, Didga, parade his absurd list of talents and now? Nothing makes sense anymore!

We all know that dogs can be trained to do a wide range of things. But dogs and cats, as we know, are very, very different. Dogs are all about impressing and working with humans. They love nothing better than to cosy up to us two-legged sorts. But cats are traditionally independent. They feel no need to impress anyone. But we don’t think Didga is showing off here, we just think he’s a fun-loving fella who enjoys tricks!

Some of these are crazy – great work, Didga!