Flying Carp – It’s The Easiest Fishing In The World!

    Fishing can be a tricky old pastime. You have to buy all the right equipment, set yourself up in the correct area and wait. And wait. And wait. Patience is a real virtue when it comes to getting a bite. So you can’t be too surprised if you don’t get anything in the end. If only there was some kind of cheat… Wouldn’t it be great – and so much easier – if the fish just jumped in your boat? Just imagine…

    .. But don’t imagine for too long. You don’t need to. You can just watch it happening in real life! Asian Silver Carp are otherwise known as ‘Flying Carp’ or ‘Jumping Carp’ and you’ll soon see why. These crazy little critters get spooked by the noise of the boat down this narrow Illinois river and fling themselves into the boat!

    Check it out: