Cocky Kid Eats a Big Ol’ Ghost Chili Pepper; Goes Crazy – Totally Loses It!

The infamous ghost chili pepper goes by many names: red naga chili, bih jolokia, u-morok, Naga Jolokia… But whatever you call it – it’s hot. Very hot. In fact, it’s not just very hot, it’s one of the world’s hottest. Up until recently it was thought to be the world’s hottest chili pepper. It was usurped by the Trinidadian Scorpion and later the California Reaper, but at over 1 MILLION on the Scoville scale (to put that in context, Tabasco sauce is around 2,500…), it’s a killer.

So you’ve got to wonder why the kid in this video was so relaxed about eating one. Maybe he didn’t know of the ghost pepper’s fearsome reputation. But he soon learns… About a second after eating it. This has to be the most extreme reaction we’ve ever seen to any chili challenge!

Get this boy some milk!