When This Girl Was Bullied Online, She Did Something Unbelievable In Response

Cyber-bullying is a big problem.

Hiding behind their keyboards and their fake names, cyber-bullies wreck the lives of others on a daily basis. Bullying causes great distress to those being bullied, and can lead to depression, self-harming and even suicide. What seems like a bit of harmless fun for the bully can lead to something very serious for their victims.

That is unless your name’s Caitlin Prater-Haacke, a Canadian high school student from Airdrie, Alberta. When she was bullied on social media, she didn’t get sad, she got positive. In this life-affirming video, you’ll see what happens when somebody takes a negative and turns it into a positive. It’s pretty amazing!

Not bad, yeah? We love the fact that Caitlin’s school accused her of being a litterbug! They soon changed their minds when the whole town got in on the act! What a brilliant response to a horrible act of bullying. Well done, Caitlin!

We’re going to go out and buy some post-it notes today. Why don’t you buy some too and go spread the love!