Grocery Store Teen Walks 96 Year-Old Shopper Home!

    We’re all very busy, aren’t we? Whether it’s in our personal lives or at work – we’re expected to be constantly on the go, doing things. So it can often be difficult to stop for a few minutes and do something totally selfless. It doesn’t make us selfish if we don’t often help people, it can just mean we’re not thinking about it. But every once in a while we should stop and see who we can help. Like supermarket clerk Christian here.

    The English Aldi worker got talking to a shopper one day, an elderly guy who was scared to take the short trip home with his groceries because of strong winds outside. The man’s 96 years young, so not quite in the shape he used to be. Christian instantly volunteered to help and, after getting permission from his manager, he walk the chap back home.

    Little did he know his simple act of kindness was about to make him a viral sensation!