They Went In To Buy A Gun, What Happened Next Shocked Them To The Core

    Many people in the US think that owning a gun will protect them. However, gun ownership actually significantly increases the likelihood of homicide, suicide and unintentional death. There is an average of 32,000 firearm deaths in the States alone! So how do we stop it?

    Well, States United To Prevent Gun Violence, an organisation set up to help stop firearm deaths in America, opened up a ‘gun store’ in the heart of New York City “as a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths.” The idea was to tell potential customers about the bloody history of each weapon, and to film their reactions. The aim is to try to change the perceptions of those who think that they need a gun for protection. We think it works – watch their faces as they learn the facts about weapons.

    As the video tells us, every gun has a history. Let’s not repeat it.