Husky Pups Find Their Mom On The Couch… Check Out Her Reaction, It’s Priceless!

You know as well as we do that the internet is full of cute. It’s where cute lives. Cat and dog-based cuteness, mostly. And we’ve a new contender for Cutest Video Ever. It’s an adorable husky with a litter of her puppies. She shows her lighter side as she indulges in a little bit of play time with the fluffy little critters. We’ve no idea what the game is that they’re playing, but it’ll melt your heart as much as it did ours…


Did you know?
Huskies are high maintenance dogs. They shed a lot of hair, they’re hyperactive, they howl a lot and are known for escaping and digging up lawns. But on the flip side – they’re probably the most beautiful dogs in the world!