Watch The Emotional Farewell As Rescued Puppy Is Separated From The Prison Inmate Who Raised Her

This is Esther. Esther was rescued from a puppy mill. She was so scared of humans that she wet herself whenever anybody came near her. She was on the verge of being put down when the Prison trained K-9 Companion Program decided to intervene.

As part of the program, where both animal and prisoner are rehabilitated through companionship, Esther was assigned to Jason Mayo, an inmate at Trinidad Correctional Facility, Colorado. Over a period of just 5 weeks, Jason had Esther trained and socialized, and ready to be adopted. Through patience and hard work, Jason had turned Esther from a scared puppy to a loving and caring dog.

Sadly for Jason, once Esther had been transformed it was time for the pair to say goodbye, and it’s every bit as emotional a you’d imagine.

As this video shows us, whether dog or human, everybody deserves a second chance.