Doctor Pronounces a Patient Dead, But Returns To The Body For One Last Thing… And Then WHOA!

    It started off like any other day for Jeff Markin. He got in his car and began his drive to work. But very quickly, Jeff started to feel unwell. He pulled over and called his boss. His boss, familiar with the symptoms of a heart attack, calmly told Jeff to drive immediately to the hospital to get checked out. His boss’ suspicions proved to be well founded. Jeff was in a lot of trouble. He headed straight to the emergency department. Things didn’t look good. He’d had a massive heart attack.

    The day’s cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall and his team rushed to help their new patient but after forty intensive minutes spent of him, they finally gave up. Jeff hadn’t made it.

    But just as Dr. Crandall walked off, saddened and dejected, something told him to go back to Jeff. and it’s a good job he received that message…

    A message from God, medical intuition or something else? What do you think?