He’s Bullied By His Classmates, But When He Says THIS To Them… WOW!

    Michael Pritchard is a funny man. He’s a stand-up comedian who has worked with some of the biggest names in the laughter business including Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Dana Carvey and Whoopi Goldberg. But he’s not just about making people smile. He likes to make serious points too. That’s why he travels schools across the States, being a keynote speaker and addressing the subject of bullying.

    In this moving and thought-provoking video, we see Pritchard giving a presentation to the students at Benicia Middle School in California. He laughs and jokes, but then gets serious. He brings a kid down from the audience. A sweet and lovable kid called Joey. Joey gets bullied at the school and he’s had enough of it. So he decides to make a plea. It takes serious guts to do something like this…

    Watch a very brave kid confront his bullies at school right here: