This Guy Has Converted A Truck Into A Home. The Results Are Incredible!

What do you do when the rents are sky-high and the mortgages are unaffordable? It’s a problem many of us are facing these days.

Well it turns out Israeli Yosi Tayer might just have the solution.

Where many of us might downgrade to a house-share, Yosi got to thinking there might just be another solution to his housing needs. Drawing on years of carpentry and design experience , he set to work converting an old 37 foot long box truck into an amazing living space.

The results are simply astonishing …


It’s not much to look at on the outside. But wait until you see what Yosi’s crammed into the inside.

There’s a spacious living room with a bedroom to the back:


Yosi has plenty of room for an office where he can do his work as an animator:


There’s a comfortable dining room. There’s even space for a couple of Yosi’s books!


And here’s Yosi’s fully-functional kitchen. What’s cooking, Yosi?


There’s a bathroom next to the kitchen, with storage space out the back:


The walls are seven inches thick, providing ample insulation against the cold winter nights.


So how is the house powered? Well, solar panels arranged on the roof provide all of Yosi’s electrical needs. Water comes from an onboard storage tank.


Not bad. And here’s the best bit. Yosi’s house is a truck. He can park it anywhere for free.


Well played, Yosi. Well played.