The Incredible Bond Between Him And This HUGE Crocodile Is Truly Staggering…

    Most people are smart enough to know that if there’s one thing you don’t want to get too up close and personal with, it’s a huge great big crocodile. If you happen to ever see one, you seek to avoid contact with it at all costs. Actually getting into the water with one is guaranteed suicide – these things don’t mess about. But one man doesn’t care about that. He’s getting in.

    Why? Well, because he’s got in hundreds of time before. And never been hurt. His name is Chito and he rescued and nurtured ‘Pocho’ the crocodile back from near death almost twenty years ago. He found him with a bullet wound and nursed the croc back to health. And the two built up a trust and friendship that all but guarantees Chito’s safety. Of course, Pocho is still a wild animal with survival instincts, so it’s still not 100% safe.

    This is pretty incredible viewing.