Mark Wahlberg Cares – Watch Him Casually Hand Over $100 To a Homeless Guy…

    Here’s a nice little moment that might help restore your faith in humanity as we show you the big time movie star Mark Wahlberg going out of his way to help out a homeless guy in a wheelchair and then even slip the dude a hundred dollar bill for his troubles. Just to be a nice guy. The man in the chair is about to get caught up in a bit of a crowd of photographers when Wahlberg clears a path for him and hands him the note.

    It’s pretty darn cool.


    Okay, alright – former pop star and underwear model Wahlberg is a multimillionaire movie star and $100 isn’t much to him, but it’s the fact that he made the gesture at all. $5 isn’t much to most people, but do they hand it over to help a homeless person or drop it into a charity box when they pass one?


    Watch The Transformers, Ted and Departed actor nonchalantly handing the guy a hundred dollar bill like it was nothing. He’s clearly a real gent…

    We knew we liked Mark Wahlberg for a reason.