Rapper Shows Us How To Order At McDonald’s Like a Total Boss!

    Coby Persin from Model Pranksters and his pal, the rapper Hi Rez, are in town and hungry. They decided to go eat somewhere. Some fast food. And where better than McDonald’s, huh? But Hi Rez doesn’t want to order up like the rest of us. He wants to order like a boss. A total boss. So he does.

    Now you and I aren’t going to be able to follow in this hugely talented guy’s footsteps and order like this, but we can sit back and enjoy his epic rap. Actually – maybe we can…

    “Can I please have a Happy Meal with a Coke? And some McNuggets ’cause they’re dope. And let me get a Big Mac on the side and, er, also an apple pie. Um…”

    Let’s just leave it to the pro: