The 5 Most Messed Up And Creepy Unexplained Videos On The Internet

The internet has an almost unimaginably kaleidoscopic range of things on it. You can find anything and everything online. Dogs, cars, candy from the ’70s, you name it – think of something… It’s on there. 99.9% of the webpages, pictures and videos you’ll find – no matter how strange – can be explained, though. They’re normal. Rational. But the other 0.01% is less so. There’s a small corner of the internet inhabited by the creepy, the odd, the disturbing. We’ve five videos for you here that are quite likely to freak you out to some degree. So be warned…

Have you heard of Elisa Lam? I Feel Fantastic? Webdriver Torso? The Max Headroom interuption? Papa Kills Babies…? No? Well, get ready to have your head well and truly scrambled.

Better turn on a light before you click play. Seriously.