He Takes His Boring Old Back Yard And Turns It Into Something Jaw Dropping!

We’ve all had the dream of turning our back yard into something cool, haven’t we? When the sun comes out and it’s nice and hot out there, most of us sit back in a chair and think, ‘I wish we had a swimming pool out here…’ Well, you can have one. They can be expensive, sure – but you can make your own. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ll prove it to you!

The family who own the back yard we’re about to show you had an ambitious, but workable – idea for how to create an epic natural swimming pool in their back yard. It’s part-pool, part pond. A swimming pond, if you like. This photo series shows what things looked like before work started and charts the project right though to its amazing conclusion.

This is fantastic!

Back Yard 1

Back Yard 3

Back Yard 4

Back Yard 5

Back Yard 6

Back Yard 7

Back Yard 8

Back Yard 9

Back Yard 10

Back Yard 11

Back Yard 12

Back Yard 13

Back Yard 14

Back Yard 15

Back Yard 16

Back Yard 17

Back Yard 18

Back Yard 19

Back Yard 20

Back Yard 21

Back Yard 22

Back Yard 23

Back Yard 24

Back Yard 25

H/T: Reddit

Just look at that finished product! Remarkable, isn’t it? It’s amazing what a little planning and hard work can do, isn’t it? These guys weren’t specialists or anything, The guy behind it works in IT, while his son – who helped out – is a business student.

Great work, boys!