Kids Nowadays Will Never Know These 23 Epic Struggles

    Things are a lot easier nowadays, aren’t they? It seems that almost everything you need to do can be tackled with a few swipes of your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Or a few clicks on your laptop. TV, movies, music, communication… Kids nowadays take all this for granted, but for anyone born before the 1990s, we’ll remember that life wasn’t always this simple. We had struggles. Life was tough back in our day.

    Here’s what we’re talking about…


    Old School (1)


    How to go bankrupt.

    Old School (1)

    Selecting your tunes took hours.

    Old School (2)


    Oh, TV…

    Old School (2)


    This is what people did before the internet.

    Old School (3)


    True, true…

    Old School (3)


    And when the internet first started…

    Old School (4)


    Ringtones. So slick.

    Old School (5)


    Yeah! Oh. Noooooo!

    Old School (6)


    It only used to skip every three or four seconds.

    Old School (7)


    It better be worth it.

    Old School (8)


    There are no words.

    Old School (9)


    If you lose that ball, you’re done.

    Old School (10)


    It’s not even a good song.

    Old School (11)


    Directions. On PAPER!

    Old School (12)



    Old School (13)



    Old School (14)


    We miss these and what they’d do to your tongue.

    Old School (15)


    Oh God – THAT NOISE!

    Old School (16)


    You only need six texts anyway.

    Old School (17)


    Play time wasn’t play time without 15 splinters to take home.

    Old School (18)


    Squeeze to test batteries.

    Old School (19)



    Old School (20)


    Bonus: We all suffered with this one


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