Furious 7’s Paul Walker CGI Technology – Revealed!

    Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor character has been at the center of all of the previous six Fast & Furious movies. As he is in the final installment, Furious 7. But, as we all know, the actor tragically died during the filming of the latest and last outing, leaving some of his part unfilmed. But to watch Furious 7, you’d never know. So just how did they manage to film his scenes without him? Well, very cleverly indeed…

    A wide range of impressive computer generated imagery (CGI) techniques were used and you’d never notice the difference. It’s hugely impressive. The movie world has seen similar tricks employed before, most notably in Ridley Scott’s 2000 classic Gladiator. Legendary drinker Oliver Reed died during a massive boozing session and producers had to get creative to finish his scenes.

    Find out how Furious did similar with Paul Walker. It’s pretty cool, check it out: