This Spider Looks Pretty Normal But When It Starts Moving You Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching!

    When you first spot this tiny little 4mm long spider sitting on a branch, you don’t think much of it. It’s just a little grey bug. Found mostly around the Perth area of Western Australia, the Coastal Peacock Spider (latin name: Maratus Speciosus) is actually a lot more interesting than first impressions might suggest. You just need to keep watching…

    A lot of people are freaked out by spiders and with good reason. They’re pretty damn creepy. But this charming fella is actually quite beautiful. Like with a lot of animals in nature, the fancy animals are the males of the species attempting to tempt a female mate.

    Check out the moves and plumage on this jumping spider. Incredible!

    Did you know?
    It’s important for male peacock spiders to be able to dance and impress their female counterparts. Because the females won’t think anything of killing and eating potential suitors that don’t match up! And you thought the dating scene round your way was tough!