From Quad Bike To Jet Ski In Under 5 Seconds!

    If you like driving about on open land as much as you love skimming the surface of the water at top speed, you’d probably love a quad bike and a jet ski, wouldn’t you? It’d be great to have the choice. But who can afford it? And who has the space to store both a quad and a jet ski? Very few people, that’s who. What you need is a Gibbs Quadski. It’s a quad ski AND jet ski! It’ll set you back just $40k and goes aquatic is around five seconds!

    The Gibbs Quadski has a K1300cc BMW engine that can call upon  pretty impressive 140 Brake Horse Power, which is more than enough to have you riding your Quadski up to 50MPH on land and on water!. how cool is that? And you can ride for up to 370 miles on water on one tank of fuel!