Massage Turns Hilarious In This Hidden Camera Prank!

They never see it coming. The guys pranked in this practical joke are going in for a nice quiet massage. They’re stripped down and relaxing as their masseuse begins to work on their muscles. Aaaah… Bliss. But soon, things start to get a little hot and heavy. Their masseuse is getting a little familiar. Soon, she’s stripping off too. But that’s just the start of it! Then things really start to escalate after that…

This prank is from Brazilian joker Silvio Santos and his primetime television show, The Silvio Santos Program. You might remember his name from some of the more extreme hidden camera stunts he’s pulled recently, like the zombie train or the ghost girl on the subway. Well, in some ways – this ‘Happy Ending Prank’ is just as scary as those!

Check it out: