AMAZING Sharpie Hack Turns Smartphone Into UV Black Light

In Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, the angry chef stays in some pretty run down places. Oftentimes he pulls out a UV light and shines it around his crummy room and highlights all kinds of unsavory things on the sheets, the walls, the pillows and, yuk, in the toilet. Did that make you wish you had such a device the next time you stayed in a hotel that was, shall we say, at the lower end of the price scale? If you could discover the hygiene levels in your room, you could make a complaint and get an upgrade. Or at least be due some money off your stay!

Well now you can with this incredible new phone hack that turns an ordinary smartphone into a UV – or ‘black light – torch. Here’s what you need:


Get some transparent tape, a blue and a purple Sharpie and, of course, your smartphone.


Grab a small square of the tape. Make sure to fold over one of the corners so you can peel it off later with ease.


Stick the tape over the light on your smartphone. Remember – don’t stick it over the camera!


Cover the tape with blue ink. Next, put a second piece of tape over the original, and again cover that in blue ink.


Next, add a third layer of tape. This should then be covered in purple ink.


Switch on your phone and open up your spotlight app. You’ll see that your phone now emits an eerie blue light.


Now, turn off all the lights apart from your smartphone. Well done! You’ve now created your very own black light! Now you can see all the things usually hidden to the naked eye!


But be careful where you shine it. You might be in for a very NASTY surprise! Altogether now …