They Catch a 400lb Monster… But What Happens Next Is Even Rarer Than That!

    The Mae Klong River, Thailand. The Discovery Channel’s Jeremy Wade and his River Monsters crew are on the hunt for a Giant Freshwater Stingray. Soon enough, they find one. And it’s a biggy. In fact, it’s the largest creature Wade has ever helped fish out of a river. And he’s a man who has dedicated his life and career to river monsters…

    400lbs it weighs in at. And with good reason. As soon as they get the stingray on their boat, they soon realize that the ray is PREGNANT and actually going into LABOR!

    Ever seen a stingray give birth…? Incredible:

    Did you know?
    Well, we bet you didn’t know that stingray gave birth, did you?! We certainly didn’t. Apparently they can birth up to a dozen live young at once. Crazy!