This Girl Is Being Bullied At The Bus Stop. Watch What The Adults Who Witness It Do

Blind Kid Thanks ‘Hero’ Who Saved Him From Bully In Touching Scene

Bullying. It’s a horrible thing. Whether their abuse is physical, mental or both, bullies have a profound and lasting impact on their victims. Bullies target insecurities, about looks, height, intelligence, social background and so on, and seek to heighten them. All bullying is devastating, but it is particularly so when experienced in childhood. Those who face bullying in their formative years often bring those insecurities into adulthood, and it can have a lasting impact on their livelihood.

Although we cannot completely stop bullying, we can minimize it by intervening when we witness it. In the following clip, UP TV wanted to test people’s reactions to bullying. They place three actors at a bus stop, two portraying bullies and one portraying their victim. The ‘bullies’ then hurl abuse at their victim, in earshot of members of the public.

How do they react? Find out by watching the video below.

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