The REAL Reason Why Wendy’s Burgers Are Square Will Surprise You

There are only so many different ways you can make a hamburger, especially if you’re a fast-food restaurant. It’s no surprise, then, that different chains will do different things in order to differentiate themselves from one another.

McDonald’s has the sesame seed buns (and the bun in the middle) for its signature Big Macs. White Castle has those tiny, little delicious sliders that everyone loves. And Wendy’s has always had square-shaped burger patties.

With everyone concerned about “processed foods” these days, Wendy’s has received some pushback on its square patties. This “unnatural” shape must surely be an indication that Wendy’s burgers are heavily processed, right?



The REAL reason that Wendy’s burger patties are square in shape has to do with an ethic  engrained in Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas’ head as a young boy. His mother always told him that no matter what he did in life, he should never cut corners.

We think you see where this is going!

The square burger patties at Wendy’s are actually intended to be symbolic representations of the no-cutting-corners ethic! The patties quite literally don’t have their corners cut off.

But, there’s another reason, too.


Ever the old-school marketer, Dave Thomas was also a person that believed that the proof was in the pudding. As such, he felt that customers would want to see the quality of the burger patties they were about to eat. And so, the square patty allows for just a tiny bit of overhang over the side of the bun.

Now you may have your doubts about Wendy’s as a brand and the benefits of eating fast food, but there’s no denying that this is a cool story! At any rate, the following training VIDEO will show you that there’s even more to Wendy’s burgers than meets the eye… And it even stars the late Dave Thomas himself!

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