Girl Baits IT Worker Boyfriend With Kim Kardashian-Looking Stripper; Guy Fails Miserably

To Catch a Cheater. They’re a couple of guys with a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to catching cheaters and proving jealous people either right or wrong about their partners. They set up baits and sometimes the person falls for it. Sometimes they don’t. In this one? A girl sets up her computer repair boyfriend with a Kim Kardashian-looking stripper. And it BACKFIRES big time!

It’s a bit like putting a steak out in front of a bulldog and telling it not to eat it. It was risky from the girl. If you play with fire… Heck, you might get burned. The blonde is already out of his league and the stripper is insanely out of his league. This is dude was like, “this will never happen again, I’ll never get another chance like this. I gotta do it!”

Hey, he was in the wrong, don’t get us wrong. But baiting a so-called ‘loved one’ like this? That’s not cool, either. We think they’re best off apart. She doesn’t trust him anyway. And now He’s confirmed why she shouldn’t. It’s done.

To Catch a Cheater

Things get pretty racy and the girlfriend loses it. She can’t quite believe the To Catch a Cheater guys let the video go on as long as it did!

To Catch a Cheater

Alright, so we know he fails the test… Let’s see exactly how it all went down, shall we…?