New Movie About What REALLY Happened In Tupac’s Final Few Days Is In The Works

There’s been talk of a definitive movie about the life and times of Tupac Shakur for years. His former friend and rival Notorious BIG got a film made about him, after all. And Pac’s probably better loved than Biggy. But it’s exactly that reason – the adulation of Tupac – that makes creating a movie about him so hard. You gotta get it right. Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton was supposed to helm one but recently dropped out and the project collapsed. All hope of a definitive biopic was lost…

But recently, news has emerged about an even more interesting project about the world’s favorite ever rapper. Pac’s confidant Gobi M. Rahimi spent his friend’s last seven days by his side and is shooting a documentary about the last week of Tupac’s life and what really went down with the shooting. As Rahimi says in the video you’re about to see: “This isn’t a documentary. It’s not a hologram and it’s not a repurposed album. This is my experience; my story.”

If you’re interested in it and want to help support the project and get it off the ground, you can do so through Rahimi’s Indiegogo page.