The Doctor Presses On Mom’s Stomach. Now Watch What The Baby Does Next … Incredible!

Usually, before a woman goes into labor, the child turns in the womb so that its head is positioned at the bottom of the uterus. This makes giving birth an easier experience for both mother and baby. When this doesn’t happen, we refer to the child as a breech baby. Giving birth to a breech baby naturally is advised against. Coming out feet first means that there is a possibility that the child can damage its neck. So, breech babies are usually born via cesarean section. But before they do this, doctors will try to turn the baby in the womb manually. The procedure, called an External Cephalic Version (ECV) involves manipulating the mother’s stomach using one’s hands.

When Jess Muckleston arrived at Royal Sussex Hospital, England, 36 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors discovered that her baby was breech, so decided to perform an ECV. The doctor began massaging her stomach, and managed to turn the baby in just two minutes, as the husband filmed on his cell phone.

Watch footage of the incredible procedure below:

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