Bullies Called Her ‘Fatso’ Since She Was Just 5 – But Just Wait Until You See Her Now!

    A person’s weight can affect them in so many different ways. There can be physical implications, of course. Strain on your heart and other organs… Joint issues, diabetes, all sorts. And then there’s the mental side to it, of course. Take Lindsay here. At aged 25 she had reached such a weight that she decided to go to her doctor to discuss gastric band surgery. And with good reason. She had hit almost 500lbs. She’d grown tired of the abuse and insults. ‘Cow’ and ‘fatso’ were words that were thrown at her almost on a daily basis since she was just five years of age.

    Lindsay decided to alter her lifestyle and pledged that she would turn her life around. And she did. A weight loss of 300lbs is not to be sniffed at! Lindsay has transformed herself. Listen to her story here:

    Brilliant work, Lindsay, you’re an inspiration!