10 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Area 51 Until Now!

What do you know about Area 51? It’s in the Nevada desert. It’s a government compound. It’s famed for supposedly being connected to government research into extra-terrestrial life. Sure, those are the basics, but what do you really know about Area 51? Not all that much, we’ll assume. And understandably, the US government hasn’t exactly been all that talkative about the place, have they?

Have they got something to hide…?


The ten facts we present for you here about the shady locale of Area 51 are pretty interesting and though provoking. What’s being hidden there…?

But some are just wacky. We love the tidbit about how, being Nevada, there are legal brothels surrounding the place. There’s even a sci-fi-themed place where you can see girls dressed up as Princess Leia or stormtroopers!


Get ready to have your mind blown. Ten fascinating facts about Area 51 coming right up…