These Window Cleaners Riding Gusts Of Wind Have The Worst Job In The World!

    We’ve all had jobs that suck. Whether it’s mopping up spew in toilets or laboring in the midday sun, there’s a few things that many of us would happily never do again.

    However, I doubt that any of you have had a job worse than these window cleaners in Shanghai, China! These guys have to clean the windows of incredibly tall buildings whilst being suspended in mid-air by a winch on the roof. The thing is that the containers that they stand on can’t be particularly heavy, otherwise they could not be lowered down the building without the cables snapping. But, in being so light, they, and the people inside them, become exposed to any crazy weather!

    In the following video, we see what happens when these containers are subjected to ferocious winds. I hope the window cleaners get paid well!