This is a Beautiful Story… The 100 Year-Old Bride!

They say that age is just a number, don’t they? Well, that’s certainly true in this case… Dana Jackson didn’t let age stop her from following her heart when she tied the knot with her beau on her 100th birthday.

The lucky man was 87 year-old Bill Stauss. The pair wed at their nursing home, the Rosewood Health Care Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest and it was a lovely service.

“I feel 50 today, not 100!” the blushing bride told her local news channel.

100 Year Old Bride

This wasn’t Dana’s first marriage, either. She was first married an incredible 85 years ago, at the tender age of just 15. 85 years between hitchings – surely that has to be a world record, doesn’t it!?

Bride That's 100 Years Old

Bill is mostly blind so he couldn’t see much of the day, but could see his bride once she came up close to him. “It’s been 56 years since I had that happen to me,” Stauss said on the day. “All I wanted was a close look. When I saw her close up, I saw how beautiful she was.”

How nice is that? It’s a touching story – watch the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about:

It doesn’t matter the circumstances when true love comes knocking, does it? Just look how happy Bill and Dana were there. And we wish them all the best!

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